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Auditing Solutions New Zealand (ASNZ) proudly provides comprehensive evaluation and verification services to the wide spectrum of the food and food-related industries across New Zealand. The company holds full accreditation by Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) to ISO:IEC 17020 as an Inspection Body, and is approved and registered by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) as a recognised agency for the evaluation and verification of Template Food Control Plans, Custom Food Control Plans and National Programmes – NP1, NP2 & NP3.

Auditing Solutions NZ has experience with SafeFood Pro, an app for digital Food Control Plans which helps to streamline your verification process with us.

Auditing Solutions uses Safety Culture’s iAuditor digital auditing platform, providing our customers with a more efficient auditing process, faster turnaround on reports and a simple effective close-out management process. Our digital platform can also provide an analysis of your food safety strengths as well as areas for improvement.

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National Programme


A National Programme Verification is conducted on the premises or if mobile can be brought to us. The process is the same regardless of what level you may fall under. The verifier will like to see you operating and check that all records are maintained.

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Custom Food Control Plan


The purpose of a Custom Food Control Plan verification is to ensure that you are following your Food Control Plan effectively including keeping all records up to date and accurate.

The verifier will keep you informed throughout the process and provide feedback on their observations.

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Custom Food Control Plan


An evaluation consists of an approved evaluator reviewing your Custom Food Control Plan documentation, records and premise.
The purpose of an evaluation is to ensure your documentation reflects your operation and that you are likely to provide safe and suitable food.

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Template Food Control Plan


A Template Food Control Plan is a document that has been written and approved by The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) eg; Simply Safe & Suitable (SSS), BIANZ & Ministry approved codes of practise.

The verification will always take place onsite. The aim is to see your operation and ensure you are implementing your plan. This will also be a good opportunity for the verifier to see that all records are being maintained, have a discussion with key staff and check the overall cleanliness of the premises. Often this type of verification is carried out by the local council.

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Multisite Food Control Plans

Auditing Solutions also verifies Multisite Food Control Plans. This occurs when a business has more than one site trading throughout districts. MPI is the Registration Authority, and the Verifier must be a Third-Party Accredited Agency.

The process is the same as a Template Food Control Plan Verification.

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